Jeff Hinton, Warbler Extraordinaire

"Dancing through life..."

Jeff Hinton (AKA Jeff the Warbler)
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Jeff, along with the rest of the Warblers, is introduced in season two. In Special Education, he is given the opportunity to audition for a solo, along with his fellow Warblers, Kurt and Nick. When Kurt asks, Jeff reveals that he had auditioned six times before. Jeff and Nick move on from the initial round of auditions while Kurt does not.

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Omaha, Nebraska native
Best friends with Nick the Warbler

I am not Jeff the Warbler, nor am I Riker Lynch. I do not own the character, the actor, or Glee, and this journal exists solely for roleplaying purposes.

Canon information in character info taken from Glee Wiki.

I only ship Nick/Jeff, and only then with nickthewarbler, because of much CR between both muns and muses.

Both muse and mun are 18+.
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My Big Fat Glee RPG || mybigfatgleerpg (Played on Facebook)
Jeff is a junior at Dalton Academy, and dated Mercedes Jones briefly last year when Kurt introduced them. The relationship was fun, but when Jeff returned home to Omaha for the summer, the distance proved to be too much. Later in the summer, Jeff travelled with best friend and fellow Warbler, Nick Matheson, to his family's homeland of Italy. It was there that the best friends discovered that there might be something more to their friendship than your average bromance. They've since begun dating, and couldn't be happier together.

Back With Baggage || backwithbaggage
After graduation, Jeff went to college with absolutely no idea of what he wanted to do with his life. Consequently, he dropped out of school 3 times, and changed his major more than his socks. He finally graduated with a degree in marketing. It was in college that Jeff met Flynn Hunter, a bisexual stripper/escort/call boy who helped Jeff come to the realization that he, too, was interested in both men and women. He also helped Jeff realize that he was photogenic, when he suggested a meeting between Jeff and a photographer friend for a photo shoot "just for the hell of it." The romantic relationship between Jeff and Flynn didn't last long, but they remained good friends, as Jeff slowly, but surely, launched a modelling career.

It started with small local ads, and eventually got bigger and bigger until one of Jeff's photoshoots was dropped off with an advertising exec with Armani, who almost immediately offered him a contract. This kept him in New York City, then led to shoots in LA, and all over the world. But after a while, he returned to New York City, the place that had become home. While there, he ran into Blaine, and the two of them began to rekindle their friendship as Jeff learned the horrible truth of what had happened to Kurt.

Little did Jeff know that someone else from his past, former roommate and best friend Nick, would soon be back in his life.

Beyond McKinley || beyondmckinley
While most of the New Directions and even some of the Warblers ended up in New York City for a million various reasons, Jeff finished school at Dalton, and started a relationship with a girl from his hometown of Omaha. Much to his girlfriend, Kayla's, distaste, though, Jeff spent last summer in Europe on a huge backpacking trip with his BFF, Nick. When they returned to the states, it was to New York to figure out what the hell was going on with their friends, including dear friends and former Warblers, Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel. Their arrival, and subsequent time spent in New York have been a rollercoaster ride, and Jeff's suddenly begun to question if Blaine and Kurt aren't the only ones with major changes in their lives.

Glee at Hogwarts || gleeathogwarts
Jeff was born and raised in Ludlow to a muggle mother and a wizard dad, and had, for the most part, a pretty normal childhood. His father was employed by the Ministry of Magic, which made things just a little complicated for his mother with her muggle friends. Still, their relationship was a loving one, and Jeff and his big sister grew up very happy.

He loves animals of all kinds, from the dog his mom bought him as a child, to his owl, Lucy, to the magical creatures he's studied at Hogwarts. He would love to one day take over the care and keeping of these animals.

His best friend since childhood and boyfriend since they were interested enough to take it into consideration is Nick Matheson. The two of them have been more or less inseparable since arriving at Hogwarts, but were close friends long before that. Between the two of them, there are a lot of "inexplicable" happenings which have occurred at Hogwarts... Inexplicable, and hilarious.

Glee's Anatomy || gleesanatomy
Jeff Hinton was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but spent most of his school years at Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio, where he became good friends with Blaine Anderson and Nick Matheson. After school, he lost touch with both of them, and went to school at the University of Washington in Seattle to be a nurse. It was in college that Jeff had his first experience with a guy, whom he dated for a brief period before graduation.

After graduation, Jeff returned to Omaha for several years, but something kept calling him back to Ohio, and he's just returned to start a new job on the surgical wing of William McKinley General Hospital.

From Lima to LA || fromlimatola
Jeff spent most of his school career as the Warblers' resident golden retriever. Always happy and excited, it seemed, Jeff made it through school despite what he felt sure was an undiagnosed case of ADHD.

It was in the midst of one of these ADHD moments that Jeff found himself liplocked with his best friend, Nick, and realized that there was more to it than friendship. More or less, from that very moment, he and Nick were even more inseparable than before. There was such a deep connection between them from years of being BFFs, that the progression was very natural to being more-than.

No one was more shocked and surprised than Jeff when Nick proposed to him right after graduation. Jeff was thrilled, and was even more excited to actually be married to the love of his life.

While Nick was studying art, Jeff took another route, and studied massage therapy, eventually opening his own business in LA. Now, he serves as massage therapist to much of Hollywood's upper crust, but loves nothing more than coming home to his other half.

Glee College Days || gleecollegedays
Jeff's senior year at Dalton was spent pretty much just like every year before: as partners in crime with best friend, Nick, and Warbling on with... well... you get the idea.

It was at their graduation that it finally came out (pun intended) that Nick and Jeff were far beyond friendship with their feelings about each other, and they began a relationship, dating all summer long. Only their families knew, because they wanted to tell their New York friends in person.

They just arrived in New York, ready to face the first big chapter of their life as a couple.

Always a Warbler || alwaysawarbler
Jeff and Nick have been roommates since day one at Dalton, and are the best of friends. Nick started dating a girl named Abi several months ago, and while Jeff's happy for his BFF, there are certain confusing thoughts in his mind about the whole situation. He's received several offers from various girls from Abi's school, but somehow, none of them have appealed to him all that much. He assumes he's unready for a relationship, and pours himself into bromances instead. Until more and more questions start to arise in his mind...

In Love In London || inloveinlondon
Jeff grew up in a normal, middle class family in Omaha, Nebraska, but attended Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio. It was there that he met Nick Matheson, and the two became best friends, and partners in crime. Jeff, being a huge Harry Potter fan, would often compare them to the Weasley twins. But it wasn't too long before all that changed. They remained best friends, and partners in crime, but also found themselves falling very much in love.

The years passed, and they graduated from Dalton, and began to look toward the future. Their footloose and fancy free dreams changed when they realized that what they really wanted was to settle down together, and the pair were off to London, joining Blaine and Kurt there. While Nick went to school to become a doctor, Jeff spent his time studying physical education, and after graduation, he joined Blaine at the school where he teaches.

He loves his life with Nick, though he wishes his boyfriend's job had a bit more normal hours.

Growing Up Glee || growingupglee
Follows current canon, though Jeff's canon isn't all that established, so... Jeff and Nick have been dating for months now, and are best friends and boyfriends. However, being young and in love isn't always a cake walk, and the boys have to learn to deal with conflict in their relationship... which tends to come up from time to time when you're young and hotheaded. Still, Jeff is extremely proud of his man, and loves the added bonus of being roommates with his boyfriend.

Sliding Moments|| slidingmoments
Jeff was an average student at Dalton. His grades weren't spectacular, but he managed to pass his classes and have a great time doing it. Well, all except for the fact that, in every single one of them, he had to stare at the back of Nick Matheson's head. Jeff was too tall to sit on the front row, so he had no choice but to park his ass behind the short kid, who drove him absolutely crazy in all the wrong ways. Neither of them could really remember what it was that had bugged them about each other, but from day 1, they were at each other's throats. They were both members of Dalton Academy's Fight Club started by fellow Warbler Blaine Anderson and his BFF Noah Puckerman, and frequently ended up in fist fights that had to be broken up by other members, until the day came that Blaine and Puck actually made it a Fight Club rule that Nick and Jeff couldn't fight each other.

Despite the drama and dislike between the two boys, Jeff enjoyed his time at Dalton, especially when, through Blaine and Puck's friendship, he met Mercedes Jones, and the two of them ended up dating most of Junior year, and into Senior before they ended things. They remained great friends, and when Jeff came out as bisexual his freshman year of college, Mercedes was the first person he told. She was amazing about it, and she's been his confidante in many situations over the years.

Finishing school left Jeff with a degree that would only do him good if the right chance showed up, and he's been working strings of dead end jobs over the past year or so as he tries to get his name into the right places to land him his dream gig as a sports announcer.

Hello, Broadway! || hellobroadway
(Ship background written by nickthewarbler) Nick always thought that his life would play out pretty casually. He expected to finish high school at the all-boys school, Dalton Academy, and maybe travel around Europe visiting family and doing his beloved art before coming home to do Art at college. Of course, these were all plans before he realised in his junior year that he was bisexual, and had feelings for his best friend and room mate, Jeff. They had been in Italy at the time staying with Nick's family when Nick came to the realisation about his sexuality. Jeff was the first person he confided in, and of course, 100% accepted his friend. It was only during a typical joking pillow fight between the boys that Nick got caught up in the moment and kissed Jeff. One thing led to another, and that was what helped Jeff realise too that their friendship spanned more than just that. They started dating, and they've been inseparable ever since.

Any plans either of them had after school suddenly went from being individual to "us" and that was just how it all turned out. They planned a trip around Europe together the summer after they graduated Dalton, and it was in the countryside during a picnic at one of Nick's favourite places to paint - Tuscany - that Nick proposed to Jeff just shy of Nick's 19th birthday. Sure, they were both young, and they knew the enormity of it, but they knew they wanted to be together for their rest of their lives, so Jeff, of course, happily accepted. They got married at a fun and carefree beach wedding in Florida near Nick's home in Jacksonville surrounded by all their family and friends before the end of summer, with surprisingly no protests from either family. As far as they were concerned, it was just inevitable, so why prolong it?

Both guys were more than made for the domestic life, and they thrived on it. Nick had been accepted to the New York Academy of Art, which was his dream school, and while Jeff also got accepted to a couple of colleges, none of them were in New York and because he had never been school's biggest fan and wasn't sure he even wanted to go to college, he sacrificed his offers so they could move to New York for Nick. But with Nick being from a huge family on both sides and Jeff just being a natural family guy, Nick broached the subject of children with Jeff one day and they decided they didn't want to wait to start a family. In fact, Jeff thrived on the idea of having a baby, and Nick's cousin, Dani, already in her second year at Harvard Med School, offered to be their surrogate with a donor egg. It was like everything just fell in place. Because Dani was Nick's cousin, they decided he would be the biological father and it was a success on the first IVF attempt and a year after their marriage, they welcomed daughter, Natalia Katherine, named after each of their grandmothers.

In the meantime, Nick started college and was in his absolutely element. His style of art was somewhat unique, and he soon found his work in demand in a small niche of New York that led to a quirky little gallery in Soho stocking his pieces. From there, it just got more known and he was soon taking commissions from some of the top art collectors of New York and even internationally. Even though his hands were full with college and fatherhood, with much loving coaxing from Jeff, Nick decided to bite the bullet and open his own gallery about a block from Broadway, and it took off beyond his expectations. Now graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Nick's gallery and work has made the family more than comfortable. They own their own business, apartment and car, which led to Jeff being able to be a stay-at-home daddy and raise their daughter while Nick worked. Natalia is now nearly five and will start Kindergarten after the summer, much to Jeff's horror. It is the prospect of having an empty nest during the day that had him accepting a job with Broadway Cares, part time that will begin when their daughter starts school, and has also sparked more of Jeff's paternal instinct. He wants to add more pitter-patter of tiny footsteps to the Hinton-Matheson brood... and sooner rather than later.
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